Cliffs of War is Side-scrolling strategy game
We are a small independent game development company. You can find information about us and our games here. Currently, we are hard at work on Cliffs of War.

We'll develop and add many more interesting quests, characters, defenses, bosses, amulets etc. We will release updates for the game every week. Some of this content can be immediately enabled via the online tools.

We'll be very grateful if you support our game. The support during this stage of development is especially important for us. Download the game for free from the App Store, purchase some rubies and receive very rare amulets in reward.

Runic Axe
Avatar Axe
Craken Axe
Dragon Axe
Inferno Axe

These amulets are available for purchase during Summer 2014. Afterwards, they will be unavailable.

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