Cliffs of War is Side-scrolling strategy game
Saving profile question
by Andrey Fomin on April 8, 2014

We need your advice, please. When we have begun to develop the game, we was guided by the principle “one device – one profile”. But since, Apple have changed their policy and we can not always be able to attach the device to the profile (we can not use DeviceID, MAC adrresses, etc. any more). Sometimes, after upgrading, the game starts at the beginning by creating new profile. Old one also remains on the server. What we do now, is to copy old profile's info to the new one by players' requests.

We want to make easy way to save of game's profile by attaching it to some unique ID of player. We consider such Ids: Facebook account, Game Center account.

What is your favorite way of saving games's profile? Facebook? GameCenter? Maybe something else?

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