Cliffs of War is Side-scrolling strategy game
Friend's Helper in the PvP battle
by Andrey Fomin on July 14, 2014

In this upgraded version of the game, players will discover great new features to include: Friend's helper as well as new heroes.

Now Cliffs of War players can have a Friend's Helper in the PvP battle. Each time a player starts a PvP battle, they will have the ability to select a Friend's Helper - an additional Hero from their in-game Friend list. This will allow both of them to enhance the experiences of their Heroes: the player's own as well as their chosen friend's Hero. Both will also receive additional rewards if they are victorious. In addition, the player can choose a Hero belonging to those players not on their Friend list. After each PvP battle, the player can add the other as a friend. They can send an invitation to that player to become a friend after allowing their Hero to be used. The Friends tab allows for multiple activities: adding, finding, and deleting friends as well as sending messages and exchanging resources.

As a result of the new Hero classes in the game, each player now has the chance to improve their battlefield strategies and increase their chances of winning by choosing the most suitable Heroes for each battlefield such as:

  • Wolf attacks fortifications and destroys the lower levels of the enemy's strongholds, or
  • Wizard strikes several targets at different levels at once, or
  • Dragon attacks from air and burns several adjacent targets, or
  • Healer heals battle-scarred heroes, or
  • Snow Leopard easily crosses the defense lines and destroys all targets on the way, or
  • Unicorn is unrivaled long-distance fighter.
  • There is an increased variety of combat objectives and characters that in turn make the player feel like a real commander.

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Saving profile question
by Andrey Fomin on April 8, 2014

We need your advice, please. When we have begun to develop the game, we was guided by the principle “one device – one profile”. But since, Apple have changed their policy and we can not always be able to attach the device to the profile (we can not use DeviceID, MAC adrresses, etc. any more). Sometimes, after upgrading, the game starts at the beginning by creating new profile. Old one also remains on the server. What we do now, is to copy old profile's info to the new one by players' requests.

We want to make easy way to save of game's profile by attaching it to some unique ID of player. We consider such Ids: Facebook account, Game Center account.

What is your favorite way of saving games's profile? Facebook? GameCenter? Maybe something else?

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Update v1.0.1
by Andrey Fomin on April 1, 2014
Update v1.0.1 was just uploaded to Apple for approving. It usualy takes about 3-5 business days to approve the game. That's what we did in this version:
  • Optimization of loading time. The game is loaded two times faster now.
  • Bug fixed. The game always saves states of buildings and heroes.
  • Bug fixed. The game always saves progress in unfinished levels.
  • Bug fixed. Level of players work properly now.
  • Several other bugs were fixed. The game should be much more stable.
  • Feature added. The game can be played in portrait orientation now. It is our experimental mode - it is not very stable. It would be great if you tell us what you think about such mode.
Our next goal is to enable PvP battles in next update which we plan to release next week. We definitely want to make updates every week.

I apologize for the fact that the new version will not be available immediately. Apple takes several days to approve updates.

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Gathering of bugs
by Andrey Fomin on March 29, 2014
We are in process of preparing an update of the game. Could you please post bug reports here and feature suggestions in previous post? Thank you!
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Thanks for feedback from first players
by Andrey Fomin on March 28, 2014
Our first players Drakenio, luckyson and Aaron just posted first feedback in in-game chat. Thank you very much! It is very important for us!

We start to prepare an update for the game. Hope, new version will be ready next week.

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Cliffs of War: Fortress Defenders Release
by Andrey Fomin on March 27, 2014
We are happy to inform you that we have just released Cliffs of War: Fortress Defenders for iPad, iPod and iPhone!

Download it from App Store!

Please, fell free to post any issues, questions and concerns here.
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Preparing First Release
by Andrey Fomin on March 07, 2014
We are in process of preparing the game to first release on Apple App Store. First release will include:
  • Four heroes: Minotaur, Crossbowman, Harpy and Griffin
  • Upgrades of all buildings are limited by level 6 of Main Tower
  • Campaign with 16 attack levels and 8 defense levels
  • Five locations
  • Tutorial Achievements
We plan to upload the game for approving on App Store next week.
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by Andrey Fomin on November 29, 2013
Hi! We are happy to announce this site! Our new game Cliffs of War: Fortress Defenders is coming soon!
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